General Info

Address:  157N 2ndE, Rexburg ID.  (where Splatters used to be located)

When you come to The Singing Waffle we want you to feel that you are “coming home.”  That it is a place where you will be happy and feel connected to others.  In addition, at The Singing Waffle you will find:

  • Waffle Buffet – featuring over 25 toppings, and gourmet sourdough waffles from a 300-year-old family recipe
  • A professional karaoke system with the largest legal song list available
  • A unique dance playlist – you’ll have a hard time sitting still (75% top hits from 2006 to now; 25% top hits from 1970-2005)


  • See home page for weekly schedule of events and hours
  • Reserved nights available for groups


  • See home page and menu