We are sorry to announce that we are closing The Singing Waffle! Our efforts to find a buyer were unsuccessful. We will always treasure our memories there and are very grateful to all our customers.
Thank you for your support!

Dave and Mary Taylor

Sing, Dance & Eat Waffles

When you come here you’re coming home. Late night parties with friends, being yourself, singing, dancing, and the best home made waffles! So… put on your dancing shoes, eat a waffle or two, and sing your heart out.

Rexburg Waffles


Our waffles are sourdough, and come from a 300-year-old recipe and sourdough start.  If you’ve never had a sourdough waffle – you’ll be amazed and how light they are and how amazing they taste!

Dancing & Singing

Here at the Singing Waffle you will find a unique dance playlist – you’ll have a hard time sitting still (75% top hits from 2006 to now; 25% top hits from 1970-2005).

A professional karaoke system with the largest legal song list available – 15,000 songs!